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This page is a listing of academic and professional organizations, which address topics and matters of interest to the historian of U.S. foreign policy

American Foreign Policy Council
American Foreign Service Association
American Historical Association

American Political Science Foundation
American Society for Public Administration
Amnesty International
Arms Control Association
Army Historical Foundation
Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management
Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs
Bellona Foundation
British International Studies Association
Canadian Institute of International Affairs
Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Foreign Area Officer Association
Foreign Policy Association
The Great War Society
Greenpeace International
The Historical Society
Human Rights Watch
International Intelligence History Association
International Society of Olympic Historians
International Studies Association
The Korea Society
National Committee on American Foreign Policy
Naval Historical Foundation
Oral History Association
Organization of American Historians
Peace History Society
Royal Australian Historical Society
Royal Historical Society
Royal Institute of International Affairs
Society of American Archivists
Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations
Society for History in the Federal Government
Society for Military History
Society for Military and Strategic Studies
United States Commission on Military History
U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation
United States-New Zealand Council
World Affairs Councils of America

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