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Air Force Historical Research Agency
Algeria, National Archives
Argentina, General National Archives
Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Australia, National Archives

-----, National Library--Manuscript Collections
Austria, State Archives
Australian War Memorial
Belarus, National Archives
Belgium, General State Archives
Brazil, National Archives
Bulgaria, General Department of Archives
Bush Presidential Library
Canadian National Archives
Carter Presidential Library
Chile Archives
Chile, General Historical Archives of the Ministry of External Relations
China, Republic of (Taiwan), National Archives
Churchill Archives Centre
Clinton Presidential  Library
Cold War International History Project
Croatia, National Archives
Cuba, National Archives
Czech Republic, State Archives
Denmark, National Archives
Dirksen Congressional Historical Collection
Ecuador, National Archives
Eisenhower Presidential Library
Estonia, National Archives
-----, State Archives
European Union, Historical Archives
Finland, National Archives
Ford Presidential Library
France, Diplomatic Archives
-----, National Archives
Georgetown University Foreign Policy Collections
Germany, Federal Archives
Greece, General State Archives
Greece, Historical Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Greenland National Archives
Hoover Presidential Library
Hungary, National Archives
Iceland, National Archives
Imperial War Museum
India, National Archives
Ireland, Department of Defence, Military Archives
-----, National Archives
Japan, National Archives
Johnson Presidential Library
Kennedy Presidential Library
Kenya National Archives
Korea, Republic of (South), Government Archives
Latvia, State Archive
Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives
Liechtenstein, State Archives
Luxembourg, National Archives
MacArthur Memorial
Macedonia, State Archives
Malta, National Archives
Marshall, George C., Library & Archives
Mexico, General National Archives
Military History Institute
NATO Archives
National Security Archive
Netherlands, National Archives
Netherlands Antilles, National Archives
New Zealand, National Archives
Nixon Presidential Materials
Nixon Library & Birthplace
Norway, National Archives
-----, Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Olympic Studies Centre
Peru, General National Archives
Poland, State Archive
Portugal, National Archives
Reagan Presidential Library
Reagan Presidential Library and Foundation
Roosevelt Cartoon Archive
Roosevelt Presidential Library
Slovenia, Archives of the Republic
South Africa, National Archives
Swaziland, National Archives
Sweden, National Archives
Switzerland, Federal Archives
Truman Presidential Library
Tunisia, National Archives
Turkey, General Directorate of Archives
U.K. National Archives
U.N. Archives
U.N. Documentation Center
U.S. National Archives
World Bank Archives
Vatican Secret Archives
Location Guides
Archives Index
Archives Index of Congressional Collections
Biographical Directory of the United States Congress--includes locations of personal papers
Maine Political Papers Network
Personal Papers
Cole, Wayne S., Research Collection of
Foley, Thomas S., Papers of
Fulbright, J. William, Papers of
Pepper, Claude, Papers of
Prang, Gordon, Papers of
Roosevelt, Theodore, Papers of
Washington, George, Papers of
Oral Histories
Columbia University Oral History Research Office
Political Commercial Collection
Vanderbilt TV Archives

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